What Is Medicaid Fraud?

Medicaid Recipient

Submitting any false or inaccurate information to the government in order to obtain Medicaid services.

Medicaid Service Provider

Providing false or inaccurate data to the government for the purpose of getting paid by Medicaid.

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Types of fraud include the following.

Medicaid Recipient Fraud:

  • Allowing another individual to use your Medicaid card to obtain services
  • Providing Medicaid with false information on your application
  • Changing or forging prescriptions
  • Re-selling products obtained through Medicaid
  • Taking advantage of services that you were not eligible for by misrepresenting your eligibility
  • Receiving and using more than one Medicaid Card

Medicaid Provider Fraud:

  • Submitting a bill to Medicaid for services that had not been delivered
  • Filing a claim for fake services and medical conditions
  • Coverage claims for non-existent illnesses
  • Billing for services provided by unlicensed individuals in New York
  • Billing for medical care coverage for fake car accident injuries
  • Unlawful fee sharing