What Is Medicaid Fraud?

Intentionally submitting any false or inaccurate information to the government in order to obtain Medicaid benefits could be a crime. You can be investigated and even prosecuted.

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New York Medicaid Fraud Lawyer

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Our law firm has handled hundreds and hundreds of Medicaid fraud cases in New York. We represent people investigated and by the Human Resources Administration Bureau of Fraud Investigations, Medicaid Inspector General, the District Attorney, and the Attorney General’s Office.

We also help individuals charged with Medicaid fraud and healthcare fraud in criminal courts, both state and federal.

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Let’s see how benefits recipients can be involved with Medicaid Fraud.
  • Misrepresenting household income on benefits applications
  • Not disclosing household composition (an example of that is an unmarried couple with children when the mother applies for Medicaid and doesn’t disclose the father’s income)
  • Allowing another individual to use your Medicaid card to obtain services
  • Receiving the benefits in New York while living elsewhere.
  • Changing or forging prescriptions
  • Re-selling products obtained through Medicaid

Medicaid Fraud is called fraud because when people receive health benefits to which they are not entitled,  it costs government the money. What most people don’t realize is that the government pays hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month for each recipient’s health benefits, even no Medicaid services are ever used.

We have represented hundreds of clients accused of Medicaid fraud and we know that things are often more complicated than what they seem. Many individuals don’t intent to violate the law, many don’t understand their obligations, and many don’t even read English when they sign the benefits applications prepared by others. We have seen countless times unsuspecting people being taken advantage by unscrupulous case workers and Medicaid service providers’ representatives. We have seen  it all and we know how to defend each and every Medicaid fraud case.

If you have been investigated for Medicaid fraud in New York, please explore this site. Here  you will find the answers to all your questions. Make sure to watch our informative videos.  Then, reach out to us. We will always take your call.